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This is Who We Are

Linknet Group is a multi-consultancy and engineering company with well exposed Engineers, Technicians, Administrators, Developers and experience management team members.

We are a dedicated team with wide considerable experience of business and technological operations that can be offered to any form of business organization in both commercial and the public domain.

We are driven and motivated by our hard work and passion for the our calling

We value integrity, reliability and above all we posses great experience

Our core mission is to provide communities of Africa and beyond the needed technologies for a total solution in IT sector, Power sector and the Environment sectors. This would be achieved through conscious efforts to solving problems in one community at a time and also providing people with the necessary skill and knowledge required being abreast with the growing technology of the world, to be the backbone to the most sophisticated security systems in the world specialized for Military and Business solutions.

  • We dream very big
  • And we make it work

We intend to provide our clients the best services from all areas of the Information and Communication Technology, Engineering and Infrastructure to enhance technological growth and development in the whole of Africa. Linknet Group would provide a platform for access to high level communication system devices, technical training environments for the growing generations and above stay dedicated to our needs at all time.

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